More than anything my favourite thing about wedding photography is the connection I get to build with YOU. For me it's more than gorgeous photographs, it's about the whole experience! I am inspired about those raw, candid moments & storytelling. 

When you book me for your wedding day, it's so much more than pretty photos. To me, it's about the people in the photos! Your unique stories and quirks! It's all about those RAW and authentic experiences. I'm all about those real moments, genuine smiles, and serious cuddles.

If this sounds like YOU then we’re gonna get along super! Drop me a line, because this is going to be awesome!  

Hola, I'm Carla!

My FaVs

" Think of Me Like a FRIEND, with a Camera in Hand! "


+ Authentic Moments, CONNECTION & Friend +

I want to be more than just another photographer, I want to be your friend! I want the whole PACKAGE. It’s not just about gorgeous photographs for me, it’s about the quirks, the laughter, the tears and YOUR story, so I can capture your love the way it FEELS. Getting your photos taken should be FUN and exciting, that’s how I capture those authentic intimate and candid moments, where you’re laughing so hard where your socks fall off, or you snort making you both laugh like a pack of hyenas. THOSE are the moments that you’ll remember years from now, they are special because of the memories and meaning behind them.

I’m going to capture that raw joy radiating through your cheeks as you see each other for the first time on your wedding day. 

The tears streaming down your father’s cheeks as he walks you down the aisle. The joy in watching your dancing queen of a grandma bust a move on the dance floor. 

I want to capture the moments that you’ll want to remember, 30, 40 and 60 years from now.  I want to document your story in a way that let's you replay that special day over and over again, every time you look through your photos.

LET's Do This! 

LET's Do This! 

What to Expect

I will create and capture moments for you by asking you to move and interact together in ways that allow me to capture your those sweet candid in-between moments. I'll give you lot's of fun + sweet prompts/ games that include lot's of movements, words, and feelings.